About Afasia Yuri (described as A.Y by MusicaDispersa Records also)

it is Review by Lee Henderson 9-23-17


Now a days the definition of electronic music is not only existing genre,
especially, i have experienced that people has performed in various genre at many gigs in london.
I prefer fieled recordings and use them as like a small piece of picture in the sound track.
These sound pieces have a lot of faces. Texture and energies always reminds us something parts of the earth or universe, our fundamental memories,strages, we don’t know where it came from.
For me music is not only component of the material of sound energy.
I feel the music energy and visual energy in the same time.
So i always try to make new things and experiment., from the different viewpoint in genre.

Afasia Yuri also has start her electronic music in london,

2015 :she released album  “Bijou de la sereneee” from Music Dispersal Records(UK/Spain),

2016:included in compiration tapes from First Terrace Records(UK)

not only experimental noize music, making ambient drone sound.using ableton live learned from Martin Delay,mixing, mastering. also doing sound healing. making sound recording. in the future her music might be changed more and more. she likes abstract taste, so not categorized only one janru, one pattern.

and also start making songs as the name “AURERFA”,

first time she started her sing as like electronic pop, but now prefer soul, pop, chill ambient, neoafrican, neosoul, hiphop, alternative.

Yuri’s live sets mix fully absorbing field recordings with electronic beats and ethereal,Adding her vocals that shift between noise and ambience. Yuri builds sometimes disorientating soundscapes that move back and forth through space.
Mixing fully absorbing field recordings with beats and vocals, sometimes experimental noize and electronic ambient style,sometimes pop,
she has a stage presence like no other.

“My concept for this music, I describe as sounds traveling back and forth through space and the Earth. I use my voice as a small component with the purpose of creating a nocturnal atmosphere. Sometimes using field recording, the sounds of flowing water, stream of the river and sound of the sea. The role of flowing water and the sound of the sea in this musical piece is to convey time in motion and the gradual progession of time. Many birds sounds are in this piece to create of texture.”creates a space of high composed saturation multiple, fantastic soundscape features, such as back and forth through space,using the voice as misleading.
and chooses to create a space of high composed saturation multiple,
fantastic soundscape features.

​Also holding events with colleague “Ondes Marines”, in UK.
also released compilation tapes from FirstTerrace Records and released CD “Bijou de la sirenee” by Musica Dispersa Records from UK.

Next Project soon. ​

Yuri Afasia Yuri
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