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” rainy night in london”

Musica Dispersa Radio 2013-2018 , 5 Years of Radio, Special programm transmitted on 20/1/18, with tracks by Eden Grey,Anastasia Vronski,Sarana Annisa Maharani,A.Y Afasia Yuri,Leonie Roessler,M.B Maurizio Bianchi,Alex Martin Helena Martínez Baltar,Earcloud,Daniel Strazzaboschi,Javier Eryx and myself. ENJOY! (By Musica Dispersa Records) and. Thank you Roberto Vilela! This is our compilation tapes of MusicaDispersa Records, myself also have joined as “AY”( Precocious Mouse,block,Gagarin, Kujuu , Eden Grey,Marymotto , Monotron,Awakening Aeons,ElpueblodeChina

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In the spirit of cassette comps, a little throwback to the very first FTR compilation released November 25 2016 , Myself also joined as Afasia Yuri, I made this title as “Le poisen”, as “a fish”. i have made this by using Logic prox, and my voice sampling. i wanted to draw the texture of this soundtrack as like swimming in the pure transparent water,like a fish.and make many layers. Featuring the artwork of Francesca Pappacoda & music from: Vida Vojic, Afasia Yuri, Pale Master‘s (JC), SPECIMENS, Joseph Summers & Chris Hicks!  

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21th I Come In The End, The Best Is Over

I Come In The End, The Best Is Over 1800-2100 Thursday, Dec. 21st Performance starts from 1800. Dyson Gallery Royal College of Art 1 Hester Road, London SW11 4AN ASHLEY-LOUISE MACNAUGHTON//MATT MAHONY-PAGE//JADE BLACKSTOCK//EMILIA DEMETRIOU//DEMELZA TOY TOY//CATERINA GOBBI//ROSIE GIBBENS//BORAM MOON//ALICE JACOBS//AFASIA YURI This cool event has been Curated by Ada Hao. Special thanks to PAPRIKA.ORG more information will be published officially around next March, coming soon.  

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