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(Now 2020–) Yuri Afasia is a singer song writer,composer,electronic composer,dancer,producer,hiphop rapper.(In fact,I think I shoud not use the word “hiphop” Cas this is their culture from American hiphop people,just onky for let you imagin what kind of beat she uses) Also sings Balad,and house music with lyrics written by english and french. (I am writing this now,I think I don’t need many words,only how I feel now is important,I like 2PAC “Change”, Eminem”Lose Yourself,CardiB,Billie Eilish(I love every her songs and voices),Bjork,Juice WRLD,Tina Turner,whitney houston,Natt-So (Natso,Nuttso,),Terra Slim,Sad Boy,I can’t write all,It’s too many for upped.And when I listen something in the furture,I might be inspired from many of them a lot) […]

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