Hi my name is Yuri, using some artist name as Afasia Yuri, A.Y, and Aurerfa,and so on,

I will talk about genre in my label i will choose.

I think 80% ; electronic music, and 20% abstract art, film and body, voice, and acorstic soul and hip hop. But this is  too much spreading myself too thin, some people would think this is not so professional way not only for marketing but also I miss around with the music people?

Please don’t angry, yes, this is electric music label basically. But not so narrow, you can understand soon,because my compilation tapes, band camp, with 8 artist, preparing now and coming soon.

Now a days the definition of electronic music is not only existing genre,
especially, i have experienced that people has performed in various genre at many gigs in london


I prefer fieled recordings and use them as like a small piece of picture in the sound track.
These sound pieces have a lot of faces. Texture and energies always reminds us something parts of the earth or universe, our fundamental memories,strages, we don’t know where it came from.
For me music is not only component of the material of sound energy.
I feel the music energy and visual energy in the same time.
So i always try to make new things and experiment., from the different viewpoint in genre.

Basically when people want to search what music they want to listen, they used to check some kind of Genre,of cause me too.This is good, no wrong, but sometime, you’d be boring?